2014 Falling lizard

6:30pm Friday Jan 31st

Melnitz Hall - Room 2487

Once a year current Students, Past Students and Friends gather for the
"Falling Lizard Weekend" (The term "falling lizard" comes from a Nigerian definition of animation coined during a 1982 workshop given by Dan in Nigeria). The purpose of this event is for each person to make a film around a common theme, agreed upon the first night and completed in one weekend. This event is open to friends of the Workshop and prospective students.

Click Here to see a collection of Videos from our recent event.

(2004 Photos)




"Prom 2014"


The UCLA Animation Workshop end of the year screening. All films that have been completed by workshop students within the last year are proudly shown to the populace. For more information contact the workshop by phone at 310.825.5829.