UCLA Animation Workshop | Applying
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Portfolio / Storyboard Submissions


To apply to the UCLA TFT Animation MFA, go to: http://www.tft.ucla.edu/programs/film-tv-digital-media-department/graduate-degrees/animation-mfa/




Portfolio exhibits may include a variety of work; please limit quantity – instead, send a strong representative sampling that best exemplifies you as an artist.


Portfolio submission guidelines:


  • Portfolio pages should be no larger than 8 1/2 x 11 inches
  • Submit reproductions; do not send original work
  • If any submission materials include a joint project, list your role/credits
  • Don’t be redundant; if you submit drawings in a paper portfolio, don’t include on a DVD (we prefer to view on paper)
  • Anything on DVD must be a playable DVD; test the disc on DVD players, and on OS-X computers
  • Do not send over-sized work
  • Label all materials with your name and contact info


Suggested creative work to include:


  • life drawing:
    • human and animal
    • quick sketches
    • long poses


  • selection of work that showcases your creativity – some examples:
    • sculpture
    • theater design
    • paintings
    • architectural renderings
    • street art
    • fashion design
    • photography
    • character design
    • animation art
    • additional storyboard (please label that it’s a portfolio exhibit)
    • writing
    • other?


  • short animation or film sequences:
    • if on DVD, send a playable movie, not a data disc
    • if URL, make sure the link is working
    • if a collaboration, indicate your role/credit




While we take all your submission materials into account, the board, more than any of your exhibits, will be used to gauge creativity and ideas; for an applicant, these are far more important than technical proficiency.


Board submission guidelines for a project you might create at the Workshop:


  • Send a complete board of a story (not a scene or section from one)
  • Length: 1– 5 minute concept (no longer)
  • Size:81/2x11or81/2x14inches
  • Format: any board template, including handmade, is fine (doesn’t have to be…professional); panels in a 16:9 format (note: the sample is 4:3, due to origins)
  • Color is not necessary
  • Focus on ideas and story
  • Non-narrative concept is fine; the board should show a sense of structure
  • Whether narrative or non-narrative, your board will help us determine what kind of mind you have for animation
  • Do not send over-sized boards
  • Check the sample
  • Label the board for a proposed project accordingly e.g. “proposed MFA project” (especially if sending another board as a portfolio exhibit)
  • An example to check out: SAMPLE STORYBOARD


Any further questions contact: