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UCLA Animation Film Spotlight: 9 and Counting

Though I’m normally known for cute animal stories, “9 and Counting" is a bit of a departure from my older work. Well…maybe actually not that much, it’s still an animal story after all.The film started off as many as my ideas do, in my sketchbook....


Daily Bruin Articles on Film Fest Awards

Several UCLA Animation students were featured in The Daily Bruin, after being awarded "Best Animation" and "Best in Show" at the 2014 Shorttakes Film Festival. Films were critiqued and awarded by a panel of celebrities and industry insiders, including actor Alexis Denisof, Glen Mazzara (producer...


Workshop Alumna Paints TFT Mural

   Vivian Lee is a recent MFA graduate of the UCLA animation program. She was recently hired by TFT to paint a mural; here are several photos of Vivian at work, painting on the second floor wall of East Melnitz. The mural depicts different aspects of...

Zehao Xue

Zehao Xue

Zehao studied animation as an undergraduate at Beijing Forestry University, where he taught himself computer animation techniques and made several short films either collaboratively or independently. Upon graduation, Zehao worked in Beijing for an animated feature film as a character TD and layout artist, and...


Tyler Rice

Tyler Rice is a Los Angeles based artist & animator. Despite her parents best efforts her formative years were spent watching cartoons and sustaining herself on hot pockets. Both of which resulted in her love of animation and plenty of self-loathing. She currently works at...


Tenaya Anue

Tenaya Anue is a writer and animator. After studying Fine Arts and Creative Writing at University of Pennsylvania, she moved on to the Masters in Animation at UCLA. Her work, both comics and animations, is narratively driven, often with a surreal or fantastical element. Website: www.tenayaanue.com Blog: http://www.tenayaanue.blogspot.com/ instagram: @tenayaanue ...


Sam Grinberg

Sam Grinberg is a cartoonist & animator. A graduate of The School of Visual Arts, he is producing his own comic book series and currently working toward his master's in animation at UCLA.You can see his work on his website here www.samgrinberg.com ...


Heather Paul

Heather is a legendary hero who like long runs, hikes through the hills, cupcakes, television, and art. After graduating from Loyola University Chicago with a Bachelor's in Fine Art, she immediately journeyed to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of working in animation. www.epicheather.com ...